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I love living in the Charlotte area. It's a great place to live, that doesn't mean it's perfect. Address the problems, deal with them. Excellent education for all!

Monday, March 20, 2006

A community gets the government it deserves

District 5 is a utopia of gentle living here in Charlotte. Excellent schools, roads, landscaping, and any other measurement of a living index. Here is the thing, they vote. More than any other district, more than any two districts combined. Politicians notice that and remember who got them elected. Especially at-large candidates.

The No vote on the bonds is most surprising it gives hope to the rest of Charlotte. If the rest of Charlotte sinks into gang warfare and disaster maybe that's not good for South Charlotte....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

If it's not Parks Helms, then who?

Parks Helms announced that he is running for the County Commissioners At-Large seat for Mecklenburg county. In the write-up it announces that he has been on that governing body for the last 14 years and the chairman for 10 of those years.

This perfect storm of disaster did not form over night. The schools have been over-crowded in the suburbs for the last 12 years(at least). He just noticed NOW that there is a problem? Was it the failed bond vote? The talk of Deconsolidating? Do people have to get mad for the admins to notice they are not educating the kids or keeping them safe?

If I can't hold Parks Helms responsible for ignoring this mess until it's hit a crisis proportion, who is responsible?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Urban vs. Surburban leads to failure for our community

I was completely stunned by the comments from an urban education activist. He stated that suburban kids were passing the state tests so we shouldn't put any effort into their education. Resources should not be given to those suburban kids because they 'don't need it to pass the tests'. The federal test results show how the low the state tests are worth. We are not just competing against other states with our work force but other countries. Should we lower our education standards so there is no gap within our community? Should we broaden our focus outward and try to reduce the gap between our community and the education leaders of the world? Ambition exists in every child, let them see the challenges of the world. Rather then the micro-community vision that seems to exist in Charlotte. It should not be urban vs. suburban, we should all be pulling together.

Dumont Clark says that suburban parents don't care about urban kids? Prove it! We(surburban parents) just have assumed that the resources are in the Urban schools because they are certainly not in Suburban schools. Where the hell are they? Judge Manning says we have enough funding...Where is it?

Friday, January 27, 2006

They'll do fine

I caught with one of the urban education advocates in person a few days ago. We agree on most things about education. Low poverty kids need an excellent education to show them the path out of poverty. I appreciate his dedication and even his anger about the abysmal situation in CMS.

Then, he declared that he did not care about the education of middle class black and white children, or children in the suburbs. They could all rot as far as he was concerned. They pass the achievement tests so we should not give any resource to them.

My response to this diatribe was to pull a child over and ask bluntly, 'Do you mean that this child does not deserve an education?' Eye blinking and some back pedalling from the gentleman.

Later on in the night a friend of mine was speaking to the same individual. He said 'OK, you're son deserves an education but you should bus them to an inner-city school!' Her completely truthful response was that she all ready did. I believe there was a jaw drop.

The urban activist said all this with conviction and visuals to prove the point. I know that Vilma Leake said the same thing in her last campaign for school board. It was another thing to hear it come out of a person who looked rational. Who could could say that only children that fit a certain color and income level are deserving of an acceptable school situation?

Is racism acceptable now?

Maybe we should apply the achievement test in the beginning of the year. If kids pass it they are sent somewhere for holding until everyone catches up to the standard level. It is more kind than mind numbing them in the classroom. Hold them in large groups like a free play, it will save a fortune in teacher costs.

Never mind that the achievement test is a ridiculously low standard. We compare our children to the lowest performers in our country rather than the standard for other countries.

It's so easy to only see a situation from one perspective. Challenging each others assumptions and stereotypes is much more beneficial for our community.

If middle class parents don't trust the school system to challenge their kids they will leave. It does matter. If the whole school system is high poverty and extra challenged there will be no diversity at all.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Overcrowding numbers under-reported - Enroll your kids

Overcrowded schools are a real problem in the suburbs of Charlotte. I think the numbers are too low. People have scrambled to find alternatives for their children because of the unacceptable conditions at CMS schools.

Similar to unemployment numbers, people give up looking for a job the unemployment numbers don't reflect them. Families have given up looking for a spot at CMS schools, the overcrowding numbers don't reflect them.

Let's make those numbers real. Enroll kids that attend private or home-school in CMS so the numbers are more accurate. The deadline is January 31, 2006. Withdraw them before schools starts.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Let's hold a meeting

Charlotte is beholden to Raleigh for basic government services such as adequate roads and law enforcement. Asking nicely and/or begging for our own money back is met with smug condescension. Bunch of newcomers, make do, if you wanted more you should have moved to Wake county. The legislators see Mecklenburg as competition or worse and don't wish us well. Mayor Pat Mcrory is threatening to withhold money from Raleigh.

The Charlotte Capitalist
My view of what Hizzoner should lobby? Calculate the amount of dollars that Charlotte citizens are looted by the state government. Cut the NC budget by that amount. Return dollars back to the looted.

Kind of like what the police do when they catch the bad guys. They return the stolen goods.

Maybe Charlotte should hold a meeting to discuss seceding from North Carlolina. We could at least get a task force appointed on the issue.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Which Task Force will be most effective?

Priorities are a subjective thing. Do you worry more about crime or schools? The crime rate is skyrocketing here in Charlotte. We may be in the top of the top ten crime-ridden cities this year. Our children have dangerously overcrowded schools to attend. Many get lost in the crowd and turn to a life of crime. Increasing the crime rate. Is it a coincidence things are spinning out of control?

Whatever your priority, we have a plethora of task forces in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Which do you think will be the most effective?

Robbery & Auto Theft Task Force
CMS Task Force
Homicide Task Force
Ex-Gov. Jim Martin's Education Task Force

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